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Discussion Topic: Medina Invitational Tournament Results
Dan Cosimi added to this discussion on December 30, 2007

1st: Gus Sako (Lakewood St. Edward) md. Justin Toth (Painesville Riverside) 11-1
3rd: Dan Mirman (Medina Highland) dec. Nick Hannan (Massillon Perry) 6-4 OT
5th: Brandon Gambucci (Lexington) md. Brian Hauser (Lyndhurst Brush) 11-3
7th: Andrew Boehm (Pataskala Watkins Memorial) dec. Garrett Manley (Holland Springfield) 4-2

1st: Jamie Clark (Lakewood St. Edward) dec. Sam White (Massillon Perry) 5-1
3rd: Bart Young (Medina Highland) dec. Cody Robbins (Davison, MI) 7-3 OT
5th: Kyle Ditcher (Uhrichsville Claymont) pin Jay Kunzi (Pataskala Watkins Memorial) 2:41
7th: Zachary Zupancic (Barberton) pin John Gould (Lexington) 3:19

1st: Cody Garbrandt (Uhrichsville Claymont) dec. Kyle Ciccarello (Lyndhurst Brush) 12-9 OT
3rd: Bryan Rickard (Davison, MI) md. Ian Miller (Oak Harbor) 11-2
5th: Chandler Jones (Licking Heights) dec. Matt Stoll (Dublin Coffman) 3-2
7th: Mike Hillock (Massillon Perry) dec. John Cobos (Lakewood St. Edward) 5-3 OT

1st: Scott Mattingly (Uniontown Lake) dec. Anthony Salupo (Lakewood St. Edward) 4-2
3rd: Dan Genetin (Massillon Perry) tf. Zack Davis (Davison, MI) 18-2
5th: Shelton Morris (Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy) dec. Ricky Garrett (Lodi Cloverleaf) 7-3
7th: Garrett Lay (Springfield Greenon) md. Tyler Dalton (Barberton) 13-2

1st: Seth Horner (Massillon Perry) dec. Nick Sulzer (Lakewood St. Edward) 3-1 OT
3rd: Joe Parra (Barberton) dec. Kyle Weaver (Lewis Center Olentangy) 7-5 OT
5th: Tyler Powers (Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy) dec. Matt Valenti (Brunswick) 4-1
7th: Ryan McKenna (Davison, MI) dec. Brian Kurzenberger (Wooster) 7-3

1st: Collin Palmer (Lakewood St. Edward) pin Zack Cline (Uniontown Lake) 4:32
3rd: Joe Grandominico (Lewis Center Olentangy) dec. Jeremy Regula (Uhrichsville Claymont) 3-2
5th: Brad Benedict (Canfield) dec. Ryan Smith (Massillon Tuslaw) 2-0
7th: Joe Brenner (Massillon Perry) md. Chaz McGrain (Olmsted Falls) 13-2

1st: Richie Spicel (Brunswick) dec. Justin McDermitt (Davison, MI) 7-2
3rd: Jared Lijoi (Uniontown Lake) pin Josh Demas (Westerville North) 1:38
5th: Adam Fondale (New Lexington) dec. Chuck Meenan (Wooster) 7-6
7th: Eric Mellott (Millersburg West Holmes) dec. Lucas Burks (Lexington) 9-8

1st: Connor Suba (Lakewood St. Edward) dec. Tyler Hoover (Millersburg West Holmes) 5-0
3rd: Ryder Dynes (Uhrichsville Claymont) dec. Curt Levy (West Liberty-Salem) 7-1
5th: Shane Jenkins (Cloverleaf) dec. Zach Lariviere (Brunswick) 1-0 OT
7th: Aron Brenner (Canfield) dec. Chad Rhoades (Uniontown Lake) 4-2

1st: Jared Kusar (Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy) dec. Jesse Dong (Westerville North) 5-4
3rd: Nick Heflin (Massillon Perry) dec. Kirk Tank (Oak Harbor) 8-3 OT
5th: Steve Timoteo (Medina Highland) md. Matt Rowe (Barberton) 13-1
7th: Tim Randolph (Belpre) dec. Michael Gallik (Lexington) 5-2

1st: Chris Kline (Westerville North) dec. Zach Garbrandt (Uhrichsville Claymont) 5-2
3rd: Alex Utley (Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy) dec. Mitchell Lee (Bloomdale Elmwood) 4-2 OT
5th: Ashton Packard (Belpre) dec. Jake Allen (Medina) 7-2
7th: Peter Lewis (West Liberty-Salem) dec. Brent Sexton (Franklin) 6-3

1st: Brian Roddy (Lakewood St. Edward) dec. Keith Witt (Oak Harbor) 10-3
3rd: Tom Kerrigan (Medina) dec. Lionel Woods (Uhrichsville Claymont) 7-6
5th: Robert VanSickle (West Holmes) dec. Jason Brown (Napoleon) 5-3
7th: Jordan Ackley (Bloomdale Elmwood) pin Steve Mielnik (Painesville Riverside) 1:10

1st: Cody Magrum (Oak Harbor) dec. Richard Kirksey (Davison, MI) 4-3
3rd: Alex Denman (Painesville Riverside) md. Andrew Krajicek (Holland Springfield) 14-5
5th: Nick Anthony (Greenon) dec. Brad Gallik (Lexington) 11-6
7th: Greg Hojnacki (Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy) dec. Nate Rychlik (Lakewood St. Edward) 6-0

1st: Adam Cogar (Barberton) dec. Cody Smith (Beavercreek) 9-3
3rd: Tyler Houska (Medina Highland) dec. Mike Green (Lakewood St. Edward) 3-1
5th: Mike Waderker (Belpre) md. Jerry Knapp (Olmsted Falls) 13-3
7th: Jared Cowan (Davison, MI) md. Cody Stanley (New Lexington) 17-5

1st: Tyler Hawkins (Millersburg West Holmes) pin Ryan Jones (Uniontown Lake) 0:35
3rd: Robert Sanchez (Napoleon) dec. Zach Laird (Olmsted Falls) 5-3
5th: Zach Stocum (Painesville Riverside) dec. Vince Magestro (Canal Fulton Northwest) 9-8
7th: Lance Coher (Barberton) pin Kyle Ballow (Brunswick) 4:03

Team Standings
1. Lakewood St. Edward - 255.5
2. Uhrichsville Claymont - 163
3. Davison, MI - 161.5
4. Massillon Perry - 156.5
5. Uniontown Lake - 130.5
6. Oak Harbor - 122
7. Medina Highland - 114.5
8. Millersburg West Holmes - 110.5
9. Barberton - 110
10. Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy - 93
11. Painesville Riverside - 90
12. Brunswick - 86.5
13. Westerville North - 85.5
14. Lexington - 82
15. Lewis Center Olentangy - 81
16. Napoleon - 74.5
17. Olmsted Falls - 72
18. Belpre - 68
19. Medina - 58.5
20. New Lexington - 58.5
21. Bloomdale Elmwood - 52.5
22. Beavercreek - 49.5
23. Massillon Tuslaw - 48.5
24. Lodi Cloverleaf - 46.5
25. Pataskala Watkins Memorial - 45
26. Holland Springfield - 43
27. Canfield - 39
28. Dublin Coffman - 38
29. Springfield Greenon - 37
30. Lyndhurst Brush - 36
31. Liberty Township Lakota East - 34
32. West Liberty-Salem - 33
33. Wooster - 32
34. Canal Fulton Northwest - 29.5
35. Pataskala Licking Heights - 28
36. New Philadelphia - 27
37. Franklin - 24.5
38. Medina Buckeye - 24
39. Genoa - 8

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Discussion Topic: Medina Invitational Tournament Results
Dan Ransick added to this discussion on December 30, 2007

Clark over White is a huge win for him. The question now becomes does White stay down at 112 or move back up to 119 and continue his dominating run there.

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Discussion Topic: Medina Invitational Tournament Results
Hank Kornblut added to this discussion on December 30, 2007

I don't think a loss to Clark will influence White. If this season has proven one thing, it's that anyone can beat anyone (within reason). Didn't White beat Clark earlier?

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Discussion Topic: Medina Invitational Tournament Results
Josh Lowe added to this discussion on December 31, 2007

White stays down for the team purposes. Keeps Horner away from Palmer up at 135. Genetin is down at 125 where he can win, though Pretty is the momentary favorite. Hillock in at 119.

White was 2-1 on Clark last year, first match this year.

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Discussion Topic: Medina Invitational Tournament Results
Dan Ransick added to this discussion on January 1, 2008

I understand that White is down there for team purposes. I do realize that White beat Clark twice last year. I do think that White will have an advantage come state finals time as he will be bigger than Clark weight wise. This is a great rivalry between these two wrestlers and I hope to see more great matches from these two as well.

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